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   Campus Structures    People  
Views of the old Gymnasium, the old Library, the Museum, Memorial Arch and Memorial Church, views of the Quad, and other campus structures, from before the 1906 earthquake up to present day.
Photographs of people associated with the university and with seismic studies. Includes David Starr Jordan, J.C. Branner, John A. Blume, and Allan Cox.
   Documents    Films & Visuallizations  
Documents of interest from the University Archive, including the output of a voltmeter that acted like a seismograph, a written account of the quake by the Stanford's Chinese butler, President Jordan's statement, telegrams from students to parents, and more.
Films of the San Francisco devastation from the National Archives and newly developed visualizations of the 1906 earthquake ground motion based on a powerful USGS computiing model.