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The Great Earthquake of April 18, 1906 altered the course of Bay Area history, most dramatically in San Francisco, but also in surrounding areas. Stanford University and the 1906 Earthquake commemorates the disaster on its centennial with an exhibit and campus walking tour showing photographs, letters, reports, and physical evidence of the quake’s impact on Stanford and surrounding communities. These activities also document Stanford’s contributions to the relief effort, and chronicles how the young university came to terms with the damage and began to rebuild itself. The commemoration is a project of the Stanford Quake ‘06 Centennial Alliance, which aims to increase community awareness of the earthquake’s effect on the campus, and broaden understanding of how Stanford has contributed to technological advances in seismology, seismic hazard engineering and earthquake preparedness and mitigation. This online version of campus-based activities is meant to be a resource for those unable to come to the university.

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